Hi coaches. I am invited to join a group of friends this afternoon and there is a cheesecake that will be offered.
What I am hearing from my brain:
– I am thinking ahead of time about it.  I am conflicted on what to do.  I need to decide now to avoid unnecessary anxiety in the moment.
– This is draining energy right now in the moment, maybe I can just trust my choice in the moment and commit not to regret it
– But there will be so many unintentional thoughts pulling my feelings on one side or another.
– I do not have that much of a desire for it. I might not want to eat it.
– However, I want to allow these kinds of experiences from time to time, and doing it with people is kind of nice, so why not taking the opportunity when friends are offering it to me?
– I am treating the cheesecake not as just food, but as something special.  Something I want to eat when I have desire for it.  It looks like I want to enjoy the desire when I eat it. I would have a richer experience, and I feel like I want these experiences from time to time. Which means I am still giving importance/power to some foods, which I consider as special.

Is there anything among these thoughts that you catch could be something I might choose to be curious around and work on? Thanks