I want to help my 10 yr old with his thinking and anxiety. He told me today that his math teacher pulled him and told him that he is not doing well ( he is in high ability and very bright. On purpose I am letting him lose and not hovering over him this year as I want him to take control by middle school) he feels anxious and worried. He thinks he might fail fifth grade 😀and be held back. I told him grades don’t define who he is and also he has 6 more months if he wants to prove. He says that his brain has a problem and doesn’t listen if the teacher is teaching too long and too many numbers. I told him I will email her and find out the issue. The problem is he is very bright but too much into electronics and I used to remind him about tests /practice and this year I just let it go. Please help me to coach him to gear his energy in the right direction without hurting his self-respect. He is truly a wonderful and kindest soul whether his grades are good or bad I know he is a treasure.