Child Left Out

Hi, I am trying to show compassion and forgiveness for one of my child’s mother’s friends. My story is that she left my son out on purpose because she doesn’t like me. I don’t have any idea if that is what she has done, but that is what my brain is offering. She is looking to run a small camp at her house. Our boys are good friends and the number of boys she can have is 4-6. She sent me an email this morning saying she “forgot” to put me on the original list that was sent 4 days ago and her camp needs more kids and my son is like the “B-list”. I am sad because I feel like her feelings about me are hurting my son instead. She is very organized. This email came complete with an excel spreadsheet and directions and my brain is like there is no way she forgot.

C Child’s mom sends me a forwarded invite 3 days later than the original one to group
T She is taking her feelings about me out on my son
F Frustrated
A Judge her, judge me, talk negatively to myself that I am not more involved with school parents
R I make take out my feelings of this email on me

I would like to get to a place where I give her the benefit of the doubt? Thoughts?