I am 42 years old and I do not have any children. It just never worked out I’m currently single and knew when I was married that I did not want to have kids with him. So I spent most of my life focused on creating huge success in my career and it worked well however I find myself single and without children. I am definitely able to realize that it was my choice not to have children it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my life, etc. however last night I was looking on Facebook and noticed friends that I went to high school with and pictures of their families and how cool it was that they had a little miniature versions of themselves and what a neat experience it must be and I will never know that. I get there are a lot of thoughts there that I should probably clean up but just trying to give an overall overview. So anyway I tried to put together a model and I am stumped on the result would love some guidance ….

C – friend’s pic of children

T-I don’t have that and I never will

F -sad

A-try to avoid thinking about it; felt sorry for myself; spun out