children’s friends

Hi, I have a 12 year old daughter in 7th grade and having some trouble with moms and her friends. She is friends with a girl who lives in our neighborhood and the girl and her mom (who I really like) are constantly trying to get them together. My daughter is like enough I also have other friends but as soon as she hangs out with a different friend this neighbor friend gets mad and sends mean texts like I thought WW were friends and why are you not including me. She tracks where she is on Snapchat.

I’m in the middle because I am friends with the mom and feel bad for the girl but at the same time shouldn’t my daughter get to decide who she wants to hang out with at this age? How do I communicate to be a nice person but also that it’s ok to hang out with other friends? Sometimes I tell her why can’t you just include this girl too and she gets upset and then I realize I don’t think that’s the right advice either. I guess sometimes you just can’t include everyone or don’t want to. Any advice on how I can look at the situation?