Child’s friend attempted suicide

My daughter’s 11 year old friend attempted suicide this week. She contacted my daughter to say she was sorry and goodbye. I’m the one who contacted 911, and my daughter and I met them at her apartment complex to show them which apartment. Her friend was taken to the hospital and is now in a mental hospital. My question is, are there comforting thoughts I can offer to my daughter? Just last week I introduced her to the model, when this happened she said she was worried her friend would be mad at her and she kept repeating that her friend had tried to end her life. I let her repeat it to me several times so she could feel it and deal with it. Then I told her that her friend is safe because of her. That she was brave and courageous for reaching out to me and the police. At one point, she was like mom don’t use your model on me.

Any ideas for other thoughts to offer of other ways to help without her directly linking it to the model? My love for personal development turns her off sometimes.