Chips and carbs

I love chips and carbs. I have been trying intermittent fasting and I’m always hungry and low energy. I have not felt the clear-headedness and stable energy most people talk about. I just feel hangry all the time.

While my cravings for sweets have been curbed due to a lot of self-coaching, I can’t seem to turn off my carb cravings. They just seem easier to eat than vegetables, seem more filling and more ethical than meat products. I don’t want to eat meat in my diet and I feel like it’s impossible to lose weight, eat ethically and be low-carb on a vegetarian diet without having to resort to protein shakes, which I don’t want to have twice per day.

My thoughts are: if I can’t eat carbs, there is nothing really else that I can eat, or, eating carbs is easier than chopping and prepping vegetables twice per day, or, I can’t stand the taste, texture and smell of eggs, or, I’ll never lose weight because I’m vegetarian, or I can’t eat carbs and lose weight.

I want to lose weight, but my diet doesn’t follow the ‘protocol’ and I hate intermittent fasting.