Chips are liars

I have a very looooong relationship with chips. Deep, intimate, serious relationship. My thoughts about them are like this:
-I feel like I am treating myself
-I don’t know how else to take care of myself
-They taste good – I like salt and fat
-I feel rebellious when I eat them – fuck you world
-Nothing else makes me feel good the way chips make me feel
-I like how they numb me
-I can beat myself up after I eat them, they are the reason I am fat

So all of that is a bunch of bullshit thinking that I want to clean up . When I look at my results of eating chips:
-Feel sick
-Feel shitty
-Gain weight
-disappoint myself
-not connected to my true self
-always regret eating them

I want to have present day thoughts about chips. So is it a practice of awareness, knowing that if I want chips it is my minds way of trying to zone out, I want to numb myself, I want to step away from whatever is going on for me?

Do I look for that desire and then choose different thoughts like:
-Chips are not required – grab a pen and figure out what is going on.
-Chips just mean you need to connect – what is going on, take 3 deep breathes.
-Thought error. Thought error. Thought error.
-I am not a person who eats chips.

And then I just practice the heck out of them until those are my present thoughts about chips?
Thanks so much Brooke!