Choice in life purpose

I am currently trying to go deeper in questioning my beliefs as I wish to define what I really want from life. I am struggling to be clear about finding what I could define as “success.” On one side I work as a lawyer (I have my own private practice) and I am satisfied with my earnings which help me to live a comfortable life with my family. However I know I could push myself more, earn more money, work with bigger clients or companies, and evolve in a more complex environment.

I have somehow kept it “average” until now as I want to spend time with my kids. I also have many hobbies that I don’t want to quit. On the other hand, I also wish I could offer more of my time to people who struggle, who need help, who need to talk, or connections. I somehow believe I need to choose between the two possible paths.

I would like to know how to define what I really want and then put myself into action to go for it. Is there any special material in the vault which could help start my analysis to self-coach that way? I feel this is huge and I don’t want to get discouraged before I discover my purpose. I need some system to navigate in those beliefs. I know these are all thoughts but basically I dunno where to start to address them. Thank you for your time and answer!!