What we choose from our thought download and what line it falls under.

I just want to clarify, the thought that we choose from our thought download doesn’t have to necessarily be a T line in the model, correct? While the majority of the thoughts you wrote down in your Homework Demo video were T lines, some would fall into another line as you pointed out with “my phone is broken” = C line… but I can’t see that providing as much insight as the T line one you chose. Do you find it’s most useful to explore and start with T-lines?

How would you categorize a thought like “Christian is unhappy” would that be a C-line or a T-line? Would it be a T-line if it is our opinion that he is unhappy and only a C-line if he states he is unhappy?

Would “I’m so upset she did that to me” be a T-line? or an F-line?