AM How to choose what to work on first?

I just joined scholars and am excited and determined! As a 10 year Texas transplant, I am impressed with how quickly you have adapted the “Ya’ll” into your language. It is amazing how well it fits into places- ha ha (Miami, my new town, NOT being one of them). To introduce myself- I am Anne, happily married and we have three kids 12, 14 and 16 who will be attending three different schools next month. I am a full time mom and an RN who basically retired when we moved 4 and a half years ago- but kept my license. I’m organized and active- am not a touchy feeley person like many of my “granola” friends. I have been struggling with my weight for many years- but in the past three have gained 25 of the 35 pounds I want to lose. I think I have made the decision to move past a “consumer” to the active phase- I am excited to learn something new especially if I can lose this weight once and for all!!
I have been exploring your podcasts as well as those from Kristina Ubell and Rachel Hart for the past few months. It’s like new motivation to walk my dogs and listen! I would like to drop 35 pounds AND I would like to decrease my drinking. How do I decide what to do first? I think the overdrinking is likely my answer- since I would way rather polish off a bottle of wine than a quart of ice cream. But can you give me some questions to ask myself to help determine what direction to take initially?
And so I’m clear- I understand there will be a monthly lesson/focus and in addition to that I can follow the overdrinking material at the same time?
Happy belated Birthday- I will turn 51 Wednesday- but enjoyed your timeline reference so I am only halfway through!! Lot’s of time to get this all done!