Choosing a "negative" feeling intentionally

My circumstance is I have a new boss who has expressed concerns about the service level in our retail bank. In working on my models today, it occurred to me that maybe I should replace an indulgent emotion with a negative one I intentionally choose, rather than going from indulgent to positive emotion. Maybe my problem is that I am indulging in insecurity and doubt and confusion in an effort to avoid the emotions of fear, discomfort, and embarrassment. My first models went from insecure to confident. But that doesn’t seem reasonable yet. So I started my intentional model again choosing the emotion of fear and then filled in the thought that would cause that. “I will take action, even if I am not certain it is the right action. Failure is better than inaction.” So my action is to create a strategic plan and goals for my team at work. Results are I begin working the plan.

Does this seem like the right path to free myself from spinning in confusion and indecision and getting nothing done?