Choosing a thought = lies

I STILL am a little confused about truth versus our thoughts.

Here is a recent example:

A friend of mine since college unfollowed me on Instagram. My first thought was, “Ugh, she must not like my content. I try hard to provide good content so this offends me.”

Then I told myself a story to make myself feel better about the rejection. “Well maybe she actually does like my content. Maybe she is just jealous of my beautiful family since she is unmarried and has no kids. Or the fact I’m in shape and she is very overweight.” (Yes, I know that is so bitchy and judgmental to say but I wanted to be honest about what my brain offered to me so I felt better about the rejection).

Ok, now back to the REAL reason she unfollowed. What if it was not the latter? What If I asked her and it really was because she did not like my content at all?

So, my made up story to make myself feel better was totally proven as made up and not even close to factual.

I just don’t see the benefit of making up stories and thoughts that we know are likely a lie.

What am I missing here?