Choosing my focus for September

I know you can’t ultimately choose for me, but do you think it’s best I go with the focus that I’m itching to do, or the one around which I’m feeling a ton of resistance?

I’ve had two ideas.

1) Doing 30 yoga classes in September. I’m super keen to do this as I’ve recently had a foot injury that has made yoga impossible and need to get back into the game ahead of starting YTT in November. It is a lot more yoga than I usually do though, so that number of classes does feel like a stretch (ha!) and a challenge.

2) Finalising my website. I have a lot of resistance around this as I have a website half built and I need to ditch either all or part of it as it just doesn’t suit my needs, so there are feelings of having wasted a lot of money and time around it. And I know that the process of uploading all my images and reworking my portfolio will be tedious in the extreme. But I have procrastinated on this for so long.

I kinda want to do both – choose the website as my focus, do the thought work round it and hope that the yoga takes care of itself. But do you have any further insight?

Thank you!