Choosing goals

I struggle with choosing my goals & sticking with them. They all seem important – there are so many areas: myself (weight loss); my family (marriage / son / home renovation); my work (with various goals & projects there). So I’ve noticed I keep switching between goals and/or not being clear with what exactly I want to achieve and the timeframe. I constantly feel confused / scatter-brained.

Here’s my unintentional model today for feedback. I would like my Result to be (in an intentional model) ‘to have mental clarity’. Any feedback welcome

Unintentional model
C- my goals
T – I don’t know which goal to focus on, they all feel important
F – Overwhelmed, confused
A – I keep changing my goals
buffering through overeating / eating off plan
jumping from one task to another
buffering via internet – scrolling phone
avoid sticking to one goal longer-term
confuse myself with worrying, scattered thoughts
adding things to To Do List
keep changing time management systems, reading articles on ‘To Do Lists’ and ‘what the best system is’
keep reading things on self help, time management, organisation
keep making lists & plans which confuse me further (buffering via time management systems?)
affects my mood, leads to difficult thoughts
R- physical and mental exhaustion, goals don’t progress