Choosing how I feel

I just wanted to say I’m really enjoying the process of choosing how I plan to feel for the day.
I’ve printed out the emotions from the February workbook and laminated them and put them on the fridge for the entire family to see. It’s like choosing from a smorgasbord of great dishes, rather than just dining from my usual repertoire. It feels like there is less monotony in my day because there is always a different focus, even if it’s just a variation on another feeling I’ve used recently.
While my 8 year old son was having a “getting ready for school” meltdown, we all stood in front of the fridge and picked out what we wanted to ‘be’ for the day. He chose appreciative, and my other son chose heroic. Other than changing everyone’s focus from an imploding 8 year old, it brought up the discussion of how we could feel and act out those particular things.
It’s great for me personally, and I love being able to engage my family in this way. I just wanted to say thanks 🙂