Choosing Myself for Week 2

Hi Coaches! After much, much thought, I chose myself for Week 2’s Person of the Week because I really want to work on my relationship with me. I always felt like, oh, don’t bother people, don’t ask for much, I’m more comfortable doing for other people than other people doing for me, etc., but I’ve often wondered if that’s because I’m a nice, considerate person, or is it because I think I don’t deserve as much as everyone else. I give 110% at my job because that’s how I chose to show up, that’s who I want to be, and I believe, like Brooke, that when you give as much value as possible, it will come back to you in some form. So, I planned on asking for a raise this week, something I’ve NEVER done, and was really nervous. Well, before I could work up the nerve, my boss tells me we have to watch our orders because she has to get money in the bank, she has to pay taxes and she’s cutting a few hourly employees hours, so I, of course, chickened out! Now, not only do I not have more money, but I’m feeling weak and disempowered, and, oh, one more example of me not looking out for me!
I’m working on models, working my way through this, but can you give me some insight on my models?
C. I’m thinking the thought, I don’t know how to make myself a priority
T. I am too weak to ask for what I deserve
F. disempowered
A. don’t ask for what I want/deserve, keep giving without receiving, buffer to cope and escape
R. I don’t learn how to make myself a priority.
C. I’m thinking the thought, I don’t know how to make myself a priority
T. I know exactly how to take good care of myself
F. empowered
A. I practice receiving instead of just giving, I discover my value and worth, I learn to MANAGE MY MIND, I trust that
I will in some way be compensated for my efforts, even if it’s not from my job.
R. I take good care of myself.
Thank you for your help… As I’m writing this I’m reminding myself that obviously I am taking good care of myself because I joined SCS and have been a scholar since August, something I wouldn’t do if I didn’t want to learn, grow and take care of me. I’ve just had this long-held thought for so long it’s become a fact in my brain, but I am slowly learning thoughts aren’t facts!
Thank you!!