Choosing my next goal – schedules, buffers, early mornings

Hi Brooke! Thanks for your answer on going vegan and no sugar/flour! Per your advice, I’ve cut out sugar and flour since this past weekend. I don’t feel that different physically (wasn’t eating a lot of flour/sugar to begin with). But, I’ve noticed a big shift in feeling my feelings and having desire freed up to direct elsewhere.

I want to let the diet changes settle in before shifting more towards being vegan. In the meantime, I want to pick another goal to work towards. There are three I’m thinking of:
– Fully schedule my life (I have a routine, but it isn’t as structured as the way you describe your scheduling)
– Stop buffering with my iPad and phone (with an exception for SCS content)
– Get up at 5am – want to do this but haven’t decided what I would do with the extra time and I’m worried it would wake our small kids up which would annoy hubby. I currently get up at 5:45.

Advice on what to pick as my next goal and how to approach it?