Choosing one GOAL

I have already asked a coach here and if I got it right, I have to choose one goal. So, I am picking creating my own business.

However, other issues are still going on :
– my relationship with bf,
– my work that is challenging but rewarding for my growth
– applying for another job in another city as it is too far from my family and my relationship with bf is not working

These will get resolved as I am working on my own business.
Here is my plan: pursuing scholars with the course ‘managing your mind’ as I am still having my brain confused. In parallel working on my business and work!
Sometimes I am afraid that scholars is buffering as I don’t work in my business creation instead. But, am doing the HW and it helps to be less confused.
Do we agree that scholars is not a goal in itself and I should work on my business in parallel? And all that, keeping my full-time job (nb : I am not afraid of hard work, and qty of hours to work on).

If I had to choose in the past, I would have picked my relationship with bf. But I have sacrificed so much, I prefer to focus on the things that I have hands on. Is that a good plan? Cause I stopped all my ambition and my dreams to follow him with no satisfying results. But looks like my brain is circling as if, if I don’t resolve our relationship (continue or quitting), nothing else will get resolved.

Thank you for your help.