Choosing overwhelm

Hello! Currently going through the Stop Overeating Workshop and I’m absolutely freaked out. I have soo many thoughts running through my head and despite my intention to not choose overwhelm, I’m totally there.
One of my fears is that I joined, what like 3 or 4 whole days ago and am less than halfway through the Overeating Workshop and I’m wondering why I don’t feel like I can sit through my urges quite yet, HA! I have just got to be willing to sit with these urges and I’m questioning my ability.
The cool thing is, I technically reached my goal for the day. I set out to sit with up to 5 urges a day this week and I have exceeded 5 this evening and am recording them.
My question is: Can I do this?! Am I where I need to be in this process?
Thank you always.