Choosing between thought to concentrate on this month

I have found that I am switching thoughts on the Thought Download page every day. One day it is about my work and the next is about sticking with my protocol and losing the last 5 lbs. Here they are:

Work: I do training/coaching for 4,000 city employees and 1,000 city retirees and I am paid $300 or more for each training.
Health: I weigh 125 pounds and gladly stick to my protocol to keep my blood glucose low and meet my goal weight.

How do I decide which to pick? Right now I have no individual coaching clients and one paid seminar planned at a local retreat center. I have made multiple contacts with organizations and the city/county. The city says they are working on the budget and seemed to really want me. I am retired and making some money from a part-time job I love and have time for volunteering and family time.
Thoughts on picking?