I’m working on my thoughts surrounding the split up of chores between my husband and I. I decided not to say or do anything until I could be aligned in my intentional model which is loving him no matter what he does. I’d like to be able to ask him to help out with chores with love instead of frustration. My current thought is things aren’t fair because we both work the same job but I do 90% of the housework. And I’ve gotten to the place where I don’t actually care if he helps or not, and that my actual aim is to lessen the load on myself. I’ve discussed with him that it’d be nice if we could hire a maid service and he said didn’t want to spend the money. So my thought goes back to the “it’s not fair, you don’t help with the housework but you don’t want to spend the money either.” I’d like to be compassionate and have grace because I know that I’ll show up as the best me in any situation when I’m feeling compassionate and grace, but I’m having a difficult time getting there right now. So right now I’m practicing what Brooke talks about when someone wants to leave their job because they hate it and she tells them to stay in it till they work on their thoughts. I’m doing the chores and housework without asking for help so that I can work on my thoughts around it. Thanks in advance coach!