Chris deserves some kudos!

I received my May envelope yesterday (and as usual was super excited). I talked my husband into watching the Behind the Scenes with me. I played it on my computer but we streamed it on our 60 inch television so it seemed like you and Chris were right there in the room with us. Lol.

My husband, over time, has gained a lot of respect for you but the BTS video for May sealed the deal for him in a couple of different ways. He sees me a very strong, confident and successful woman (I don’t necessarily feel that way but that’s a separate post!). The roles in our 22 year marriage have been pretty reverses compared to many traditional households and that has put a pressure and a strain on our marriage as well as our own self images from time to time. For the most part we are beyond that now but just wanted to share to give you the context. I have been the primary bread winner in our marriage and for many years was the sole bread winner. I make a pretty decent living but I have been contemplating on going out on my own doing a combination of coaching, consulting, and perhaps some speaking or workshop facilitation. Since I do pieces of all this in my current job, it would be a conflict of interest for me to just be doing it on the side (I can get by with some coaching but that’s about it). Going out on my own is a terribly frightening concept for me but I know that the life I want is on the other side of discomfort. The absolute earliest I would do this would be around Q2 of next year. I have been talking with my husband about partnering with me to get the business up and running (he has more spare time now than I do). Yesterday, in watching the video, I think he wanted to jump through the TV screen and hug Chris… as well as you. He saw so many parallels as the two of you spoke and commented what a great role model Chris was for him! I had to share that because Chris may not get all the kudos like you do. My husband also felt so validated when you spoke about how it takes a strong man to let a strong woman always stand front and center. He has gotten so much slack from time to time over the years but it has definitely been the right move for us. I wouldn’t have been able to have experienced my own current success without him being at home with our now 11 year old son.

Thank you so much for the work that you do and for sharing a glimpse inside. We both really enjoyed it!