Chronic Illness

I have a chronic illness that science currently doesn’t have root causation to cure. As such, western medicine can offer surgeries and pills to alleviate the illness, and eastern medicine offers a multitude of modalities that all claim to heal the illness.

I have tried both extensively – not to exhaustion, but having opted more for an eastern (less invasive) approach and I still find myself ailing from the symptoms. It is having a huge impact on my quality of life (from physical energy to daily mood/motivation etc). I can say with certainty that I have tried various modalities for extended periods and some religiously for 3 months. Nothing for a longer period of time in isolation of another treatment.

I have found so many different approaches. I’ve tried many at the same time, as I came across new evidence pertaining to a possible cure or alleviation. So whilst I acknowledge there may be some inconsistencies with my methods and duration of trying them, when you are a chronic sufferer it’s hard not to try everything and anything to support and bring relief.

The challenge I am finding is I’m arguably no better (I say “arguably” because some months I am better than others but this is very hard to track and attribute to any one cause of treatment). It is also exhausting trying to overhaul my nutrition and lifestyle every day to stay true to any one method (or keep looking for new methods), none of which I have definitive proof that it would work for me.

Naturally, now I am losing faith and the more my mental health deteriorates as a result of not seeing improvements, the worse this becomes. I am frequently tired and finding myself to be more depressed generally – something I’ve not experienced before and is incongruent with who I am (or have been).

I have run various models to try and see if I can change my thoughts and feelings around the circumstance “I have a chronic illness” but to no avail. I think the problem is now I lack belief – having lost faith, it’s now hard to believe the intentional thought that will bring the required result – the result of which I’m not even sure of. What can you recommend?

Example Model: Unintentional
C I have a Chronic Condition
T Nothing I am trying is working
F Deflated / Frustrated / Sad
A Inconsistent with different approaches
R I don’t improve

C I have a Chronic Condition
T I have faith I can heal
F Positive
A I keep trying different approaches diligently
R ?

In gratitude.