Chronic pain and having your own back

I am making progress in SCS, but still have issues with keeping to a plan/having my own back. I’ve been doing thought downloads on the “why” and it is generally one of two categories. First, I am just not allowing myself to feel discomfort (actively working on that!), but the second category is that the chronic pain I suffer wears me down so much some days, I just want to truly check out to get relief. The relief I seek is through food/alcohol/tv, rather than doing what I planned to do that day. Any suggestions on how to thwart the intense desire to check out due to physical pain when I feel like I have nothing left to accomplish my daily plans? I am glad I understand the connection now between having my own back and feeling a fail when I check out, but it is hard to sort out the true self-care and what my primitive brain tells me to “give up and rest.” Fascinating stuff!! Thanks so much – Rebecca