Chronic Thought: I’m not cut out for this

I’ve been in scholars for 6 months and I’ve been working on me instead of my business which feels really good. I joined a high end mastermind in 2018 and at the end of the day still don’t have paying clients. It felt like the right thing to do to put the business goals on hold and start looking deep into me and what’s holding me back.

I’ve struggled with overdrinking over the years… now I can see that slowly drifting away. The urges are nearly gone. I still have work to do in regards to overeating and weight loss but feel very empowered and connected to the work and am experiencing my own growth and transformation lost 17 lbs so far… feeling momentum. I’ve been obsessed with self help/ psychology my entire life…. I’m a mental health therapist passionate about transitioning into life coaching yet I’m constantly caught up in the thought this life coaching thing is not for me because I joined a high end mastermind last year and still don’t have any clients despite all my efforts/ I have the running tape in my mind I’m not cut out for business/ people aren’t going to pay for “luxury” to address their mental health outside of traditional insurance paying for therapy even though I SEE plenty of evidence otherwise and I know these thoughts are not serving me.

Everytime I dive into the “work” to pursue coaching, I feel like it’s going to take forever / and when I do post on facebook it’s crickets, which makes me wonder if what I offer is actually helpful/ serving or just annoying folks with posting too much or too often. I get how my thoughts are directly related to my results so I feel like changing my thought is where I need to do some work, but it’s not working 🙂

I believe deeply in the work and have experienced transformation from coaching…. so I believe I’m coming from a genuine place when I do post… I know I’m responsible for my own results… I really don’t feel like giving up on my dream is the way to go, but at the end of everyday I’m feeling “stuck”… Not sure where I should focus my energy or how to get out of my own way… thoughts?