Circumstance: Attending Daughter’s Knowledge Bowl meet

My daughter and her best friend are doing their first meet today. They do most everything together. Often her mother, also my good friend, comments that she wishes her daughter was more assertive like my daughter. In the past, I have made this mean that my daughter should diminish herself so that her daughter could rise. Obviously that didn’t feel good to think. After coaching myself I have came up with the two following thoughts to think.

C: Both daughters are in the meet
T: My job is to love my daughter and witness her performance.
A: Look for who she is and what she does, revel in the teen she is becoming, laser focus on what she is doing without worry of the others.

C: same
T: I will be curious and non-judgemental about the teammates and parents
F: Inquisitive
A: Matter of factly mentally note exactly what they do and purposely not add meaning. Do this if I see worry creep into my mind.
R: focused on their actions and not their thoughts and feelings.

My reason to bringing this here today is to make sure my models are being used clearly and appropriately. Also are their any other questions I could ask as I prepare for a new experience as I witness my daughter?