Circumstance Clarification

I just wanted to clarify Brooke’s take on circumstances. I understand changing the thought, feeling, and actions without the circumstance needing to change is the point of the Model. However, once the thought changes, what I find is that my perspective changes, how I show up in the world changes, and inevitably, the circumstance does change for the better. For instance, if I think better thoughts about abundance, I become more abundant. Maybe not 100 percent of the time on every subject, but much of the time. So in effect, changing our thoughts does have the effect, much of the time, of changing the circumstance, because how we approach our lives has changed and we’ve become solution focused rather than obsessed with the problem. As Joe Dispenza might say, it’s about stepping into something more or the greater version of ourselves rather than continuing to live in the familiar thought patterns that are holding us back. Would Brooke and other coaches agree with that? I believe in Law of Attraction, so I believe we create our circumstances, so by changing the thought and really believing it and feeling it, we change how we approach the circumstance (we create and expand into the solution rather than pull back and become smaller as a result of how we look at the problem) so the circumstance has to change. That’s just me, but I’d love to hear your perspective on my circumstance question (separate from Law of Attraction).

Thank you and here’s to an amazing new year ahead!