Circumstance has changed

I had a great coaching session with one of your coaches this morning. We talked about how I am feeling overloaded with the way circumstances are changing quite often at the moment, mainly related to the pandemic. We talked about how I am doing my models and that I am not even able to find the thought or feeling that is most difficult right now. But then she asked me this most amazing question: “But have you done a new model to account for the CIRCUMSTANCE changing?”

Honestly, it never occurred to me that the circumstance has changed (many circumstances, actually) so I need to start with a fresh model. I guess I’m so used to looking at models and saying, “But we CAN’T change the circumstance, so we have to look at the other stuff!” LOL

Anyway, here’s my unintentional model:
C: the usual, typical day
T: I can do this, I know how this works
F: in the groove
A: regular stuff, routines
R: progress

Now I’m stuck on my new model (or models, I guess). I think I probably need to do a model for every circumstance that has changed, or at least the ones that I am feeling bad about or are thinking unhelpful thoughts about. Is that right? In other words, I would do a model with the “C” line of “kids are home, working on school here”, and another on, “making time to help my kids with school work,” and another on, “my adjusted business hours,” etc. I guess the good news is, I have enough thought work to do for the rest of my life…! I have no excuse to be bored 🙂