Circumstance Line with Relationships

Can just the name of a person go in circumstance line of a model? Last month in Scholars, with the focus being on relationships, I did several that were based on people – but was often not sure what to write for the C line.

For example with my grown daughter – or a sister in law:
C: My daughter
T: I can show up with love
F: Intentional
A: I communicate with her more often, I don’t get triggered if she doesn’t respond how I expect, I remain confident, I drop expectations.
R: I show up the way I want to be.
C: Cathy
T: She drives me crazy
F: Irritated
A: I bristle at the things she says, I avoid her, I ruminate on her after I’m back home, I continue to dislike her and being around her.
R: She drives me crazy.

I’m just not sure about a person being a C because it’s not a “fact.”