Circumstance of what old boyfriend said

Thank you for your response about using what old boyfriend said in the C line to find my thoughts, really helpful.
So my model looks like this now;

C – Old boyfriend said ‘it’s a pretend job for pretend people’
T – No one is ever going to take me seriously
F – Crushed
A – I hide what I’m doing
I keep studying, making myself an eternal student, consuming rather than creating
I don’t talk about what I’m doing to anyone, including family and close friends
I blame him for saying mean things to me
I consider his reaction before sharing anything on social media even though there’s been no contact for over two years, just in case he might see and have something to say about it.
I don’t take myself seriously at all
R – No clients, no revenue, lack of confidence

This feels pretty yucky. I can really see how my R relates to my T line, but I’d never realised all the stuff in the A line before, and I’m noticing how my brain wants to change it all, immediately! Now I need a new thought for an IM. ‘Life Coaching is a real job’ or maybe even ‘Life Coaching is a job’ ?