Circumstance or a thought?

I am not sure if this is a Circumstance or a thought. I left my last position and come to my current position hoping things would be different. My last boss micro-managed everyone and always looked for problems to fix when there were very few. As a result, the turnover there was high. My current position started great, but seems to have gotten worse, with me having to defend myself and feel like I have been treated unfair. Some examples are positions promised and taken away, given duties below my pay grade (to teach me lessons that I feel my manager does not have), being micro-managed when I know my stuff more than she does, her taking create for work I did and blaming me for things she did wrong. My goal is to one day be a manager and I have worked hard on learning management skills; read tons of books and listen to podcasts on leadership, got my MBA and taken additional management classes, and it still seems to have not improved how I deal with my bosses.
C-Past two managers have had poor leadership skills
T-They hold people accountable yet they do not hold themselves accountable
A-defend myself and complain about them (which gives me more examples on how they have poor leadership skills)
R-frustrated to the point I want to leave another position
I cannot help but feel that I something big to learn and know if I leave without learning this lesson, it will just come up again with future managers. I love every other aspect of my current position and had a great week as my manager was out of town. She is returning today and feel anxiety and dread and just want to buffer.