Circumstances Part 2

Trying to ask this question in a different way.

I understand how results are created and the difference between them and circumstances.

I understand circumstances are the facts of life and the end result is based on how we think about our circumstances.

What I am still wondering is the origin of circumstances themselves (the facts of life). It does not seem helpful for me to think of the facts of life as just happenstance.

Do our consistent results circle back to create our actual new circumstances? Do we ourselves have any influence over them?

I know that we should not be trying to change our circumstances but rather our thoughts about them so that we can create a different result.

I completely understand that part. But still, I ask myself the bigger question, where does creating all of these better ‘results’ ultimately land us?

Does that land us with better circumstances at the end? Does it cycle back around? Can we only have influence over our “experiences” of the facts of life or can we also have an impact on the facts of life themselves? Thanks!