Circumstances versus thoughts

Hi there!

I’m new to Scholars and working on models, and I find I have a really hard time differentiating circumstances and thoughts.

For instance, one of the first thing I wrote was “I don’t have the willpower to maintain my weight when I manage to lose some”. It feels like a circumstance to me because I have regained all the weight I’ve lost after every diet I’ve tried, and it’s a fact. But I’m sort of hoping there’s some thought in there that I can work on, maybe the willpower part? I don’t know.

And every thought I have about myself is like that: “people don’t like me” or “I don’t live up to my potential” etc etc etc… And yes, most of them are negative at the moment, which doesn’t really help when they all feel like facts.

Any insight on how to sort thoughts from circumstances would be most welcome. Thanks!