Clarification of how to correctly model many thoughts

Recently I submitted a question with a lot of models where I took every thought I had about a subject and did models on them, with the initial intent to then do intentional models after that but I pooped out first and submitted my question as is. You responded, “All your models from #4 down are variations on one thought – ‘I can’t do this’.
And you keep proving it true, over and over, with different variations on this.
Doing model after model on the same variety of thought isn’t productive – you need to decide to choose, intentionally, how you are going to think about this.” No wonder I pooped out. 💡Light bulb moment.

I totally get the instruction to decide how I want to think about it. So I am realizing I was conflating different instructions since I thought we were supposed to do models on ALL the thoughts. I now recollect you telling people to do thought downloads and then pick a few thoughts to do models on. Rather than doing a thought download first and then picking a few, I obviously did models on all of the thoughts that came up.

I want to make sure I’m now correctly understanding what we should be doing. We should never do model after model after model of the same type of thought since it doesn’t help me in any way by seeing different feelings, actions or results. We should do thought downloads on everything we think about a subject first and then pick a few statements (that are likely to produce different feelings, actions or results) and do my unintentional models on those before I then move to the intentional models. Do I understand that correctly now? Am I missing anything?

So grateful for the insight!