clarification on model please

C Talked to a lawyer about the issues of where I live (condominium complex) specifically an inspection of my unit.
T I can’t do this anymore
F threatened
A crying, research research research about what they are doing and trying to find what is illegal and need to stop them not following health protocols etc.
Not answering the boards emails because they keep ignoring my requests and concerns after 6 weeks of emails. Keep re-reading the letter to clarify and help me remember what they said. Figure out a strategy
Interview mediation service interview mediation lawyers interview lawyer to determine if should or need to move in this direction. Emails department of health, called the county about health and spoke to mayor, call the county about codes and hopefully talk to a engineer. Want to call the firm the association hired to find out details on the person coming (health and license and qualification). Not go to the board meeting this Thursday…will not help.
R I am doing what I need to be doing to set boundaries and protect my self and my home.