Clarification on Purpose

Hi Brooke,

So on yesterday’s live call you mentioned that your purpose is not to be a life coach, but that you can coach in any situation like say if you worked at a gas station or drove a school bus, etc. However, in the beginning of this month’s book, you mention picking a purpose, one thing like– I want to be a loving mom, or I want to help end child abuse or I want to be president, etc.

I chose, I want to be a master interior designer that is well paid as my purpose, and that’s been my “purpose focus this month”. I guess I was slightly thrown off when you said that your purpose wasn’t a life coach. My thought was have I been doing the homework / this month wrong.

Let me give you an example for day 23 and you can tweak me where I need to be tweaked, lol.

1. Do a brief download on your purpose and the thoughts you are having today. Are you living in alignment with how you want to purposefully spend your time?

I am committed.
I am here for the long haul.
I am closer than ever before.
I am a failure.
I am well paid.
I am a master of my craft.
I show up consistently.
I work hard and it’s fun.

2. Brainstorm ideas, possibilities, dreams, and desires related to your purpose. Be creative. Work here. Do not go unconscious. You will be amazed at how many ideas you can generate over a month.

Workshop on creating a space for peace.
Course on how to create order & structure with color.
Host a dinner party with industry leaders and experts.
International decoration and organization luxury retreats.

3. Make a list of everything you will do (or have done) today that relates to your purpose. Record any thoughts on this list.
Revamp opt-in title to a catchy title.
Complete opt-in and this means finish content, hire Fiverr designer for ecover, setup in Aweber, and test out.

4. Unintentional Thought Model
C: My purpose
T: I am a failure.
F: Anger
A: Hide. Disengage. Ignore work.
R: More failure.

Intentional Thought Model
C: My Purpose
T: I learn from every mistake.
F: Peace
A: Show up. Engage. Do the work.
R: More growth

Would you add or change anything, Brooke?

Thank you,
Melodee Forbes