Clarity and constraint

Hello coaches.
Despite my focus each month in Scholars, I still find that my main problem is being stretched over too many goals, tasks, activities. I then end up not following through on things and feeling flustered and like a failure. This feeling of being ‘flustered / overwhelmed’ and I think working on too many things at the same time is a problem I return to again & again.

I hope my models today can show some of this. My intentional model is not where I want it yet. And maybe I need to go deeper into unintentional models with this? I want to progress with this & bring it back as it is such a central issue in my life. I also would like some ideas on courses that could help with constraint / clarity?

Model on Unintentional Thought
C: my calendar and set of goals
T: I have too many little bits & pieces & too many goals – just looks overwhelming even at first glance
F: overwhelmed
A: I spin in confusion: where to start?
Despite my focus on one goal each month, I continue to work on many parallel things: accuse myself – am I not using Scholars properly?
I tell myself I’m greedy, trying to do too much, pushing myself in too many different directions
I end up not following even my main goals properly
I start, I stop, I forget
I guilt trip myself
I lose sight of my impossible goal
I lose trust in myself in terms of consistency
R: I don’t achieve the things I want

Model on Intentional Thought
C: my calendar and set of goals
T: I am learning how to create a feeling of clarity & constraint
F: ??
A: I clarify my priorities
I gradually delete things from my calendar
I think more deeply about prioritising, choosing carefully, sticking to one thing
I ask for help as I keep having this problem
R: I feel clear & constrained