Classifying "disappointment" emotion

I have a few questions about this one. I did a thought download this morning about my actions last night. I drank 3 glasses of wine and watched TV for an hour later than I usually go to bed on a work night. I feel disappointed in myself for these actions, but I need help with my UM, IM and classification.
C: drank 3 glasses of wine, stayed up until 10pm on a work night
T: I am disappointed in myself for the lack of self- control
F: disappointed
A: ** unsure on this one**
R: lack of progress towards weight loss goal and headache

C: same
T: I used wine and netflix as a buffer last night, that’s ok. I will get better at recognizing these actions before they cause a net negative effect with awareness of my thoughts and actions
F: loving
A: awareness of my thoughts and actions
R: progress towards weight goals

Do I want to keep disappointed as a feeling? At first I thought it was one I’d want to keep, because I thought it would keep me accountable and focused on my goals. But then I thought harder on it and I think it might be a feeling I don’t want to keep. Thoughts?
Also, please help with the action liner of UM.