Clean up My Result Line

I manage the website in m y current job. I am a full-time employee. We contracted with an outside source for sponsorships. The director asked her to work with me on sponsorship wording on our website for our upcoming event. She went above and beyond to give me edits for the entire website. I did an unintentional and an intentional model for it and would like help making sure I see the result clearly. I don’t have a result for the intentional model.

Unintentional Model
C – Contractor sent 2 pages of website edits
T – That’s my job, not yours!
F – Marginalized
A – Call my friend/coworker and grouse, tell my story, write an angry response (I didn’t send it) try to get even by commenting on the edits in the document, stew, make leaps of logic, say she needs to stay in her lane, worry about losing my job, question my worth as an employee.
R – I don’t take responsibility for my job.

Intentional Model
C – Contractor sent 2 pages of website edits
T – Maybe I’m missing something here, I don’t know all the reasons she sent this.
F – Inquisitive
A – Look at the edits and see which ones make sense, make logical changes, be curious about what else needs changing, support myself, ask questions, give feedback, collaborate, support myself, support the organization.
R – (I find reasons to work together instead of taking it personally?)

Thank you!