Clean Water, Missing you… and Going off

When shit hits the fan is when I feel I need you more and instead my brain just goes off all crazy. I’m in the middle of a situation with the electric company. I’m doing all that I can do, by going to the department of buildings, calling architects, electricians, etc. I’m doing my part.

It has been going on since February and it’s escalating where it is either costing me 4k or 10k or 40k. I don’t know and I don’t know when I’ll know. And all through the process, I’m trying to get my brain to work with the following thoughts.

I have clean water… I’m doing my part…. There is stuff that I know that I don’t know (electricity, certificate of occupancy, etc)… But I’m talking to people who know. And I know they have my best interest. I don’t think the electric company wants to screw me. It’s a process. It will be resolved. Whatever the outcome is going to be, it will be fine.

Nonetheless, there are moments when the brain and thoughts get the best of me and I’m trying to have compassion when I fail.

Like when I baked a banana bread and ate half. Totally out of protocol and it isn’t going to resolve the freaking problem.

And I haven’t been on your calls or been doing the homework. But today I’m back. And I listened to your podcasts while I was on my bike. And I ate my healthy, delicious food. and I’m here asking for your help. ’cause my brain, my friend, my brain is a busy bee, but I have clean water. And after this, I’m off to the dept of buildings with the paperwork they requested to see what they say.

Coach me… Your Airbnb Lady…