Cleaned My Closet

I finally cleaned my closet. My car was already clean so I don’t feel so behind! However, Im kind of disgusted with myself as I can see how much weight I gained in the last 6 months as most anything in the closet doesn’t fit. I wore a few new stretchy dresses/skirts and yoga pants all summer. I feel worse then I feel better after doing this. Or maybe that awareness is exactly what I need as I guess I’m living in denial! I just did this closet 6 months ago but I could see I kept stuff I wasn’t gonna wear or couldn’t wear. However this time I still chose to keep a few things that “might” fit in 6 months if I can actually lose 15/20 lbs but did get rid of a ton more clothes. Is there a downside to keeping these clothes or a “falsehood”? I like them, I would wear them again and I don’t want to waste money buying new clothes. I also had a small bag of pants (maybe 4 pair) that I loved that I labeled size 4, 6 8 that long ago I wanted or wished Id be able to put them on again – I finally got rid of my favorite “small” pants!!. I almost want to go through the closet again and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit even tho I feel like it’s wasting money and Id have to re-buy jeans that I loved. So this is where my work is I guess. Am I not seeing something ? What is the downside of keeping these things. I’m not in a financial position to buy a ton of new clothes. Now that we are going into a new season I like have nothing to wear except a few leggings and longer pullover shirts! Not kidding! I’m disappointed in myself. when I look in the mirror I don’t realize how much weight I gained on a regular basis (with clothes on).

I never buy myself stuff because when I try them on I don’t like what I look like. When I see myself in a mirror at the store passing by I can see how much weight I gained and I get disgusted. My sleep and hormones are messed up and I eat well. I feel like I don’t know what else to do to lose weight so I wind up just doing what I’ve done which obviously isn’t working. But my whole point of the “ask” the coach question was. Is it a terrible idea to still keep a few things that don’t fit even though I may fit in them in 6 months?