Cleaning and tidying the kitchen many times a day, trying to get teens on board

Since the pandemic, I am cleaning the kitchen a lot as there is a lot of traffic in and out. My teens will do the dishes and put them away twice a day. They do that well and with no resistance. However, there is scrubbing and sweeping to be done as well and they do not properly clean up after cooking/snacking.

I’ve asked them over and over to do this for a year now. I want them to grasp the concept of cleaning/tidying and that it does take time to do it properly. I suspect this is where the resistance is, that it takes time out of their day and what they want to do, rather than the act of doing it.

The result is that I am taking a lot of time to do this every day and that I am constantly repeating myself. I want them to become more disciplined with this by seeing something through. For example, eating (the start of the action) to cleaning up (the responsible end).

I’m wondering how I can go about changing the result.