Cleaning out my storage unit

I have this storage unit that is full of garbage (well, stuff that I never use). It’s packed, basically. I need to clean it out so I have space to put stuff that actually needs to go in there. I really don’t want to clean it. I will start with my A line – which is “not cleaning storage unit”

C Storage unit
T This is going to be so much work
F Resistance
A Not taking action
R Storage unit remains unclean

Well, I really do think that this is going to be so much work. If I dig deeper though, to see why I’m not doing it, it’s mostly because I don’t know where to put the things that are currently in there. For some reason I guess I feel some kind of attachment to those things, so it’s hard for me to simply “toss” them. Well, if I dig deeper, there are a few aspects to consider. There’s some furniture – which is legit trash. I can bring down a little trolley and put the furniture on it and just wheel it out to the trash area. Actually, I should probably ask my condo where I should put that stuff. I’ll add that to my list. Okay, what else. Well, I also have a whole bunch of “product” from work in there. I hate the product so much, and yes – I want it out of my personal storage unit very badly. The problem is that I absolutely hate carrying it, it’s heavy, and the storage unit is not in a convenient area. I know there’s a trolley, but I hate that it takes so much time to go back and forth, and making more than one trip makes me angry. But I really do want the product out of the storage unit. I can put the product in ANOTHER storage unit, where it kind of actually belongs.

Okay, so if I get the furniture in the right spot, and the product at least in my car so I can drive it to the other storage unit, that leaves me with…I guess, what, really? A bunch of boxes, which I can probaby get to at least half of what they already are. Maybe I can’t toss everything, but I can get them to 50%.

Now…this still sounds like a lot of work and I really don’t want to do it. I think the thought that is driving this is that it’s going to take a long time. I feel like I’m stagnating in life, and I just want to work on other stuff – not this storage unit – but I need it so I can move stuff out of my condo so I can sell it and move and get a whole new life (aka “the goal”).

So, I’ve got this down to four steps:
1. ask condo about where to put garbage furniture
2. remove furniture
3. remove product and put it in car
4. get personal boxes to 50% of their current volume.

But, I still really don’t want to do it. How on earth can I find a thought that makes me want to take the action of “clean storage unit”?

C many items in storage unit
T this is the first step in consciously moving toward my new life
F readiness
A clean our storage unit with ease
R storage unit is clean

Okay, I like that one. What else can I come up with?

C many items in storage unit
T I know I feel good when I take action toward my big goals
F Ready
A Put it on my calendar, clear my schedule of other distractions, give myself enough time, tell myself that this is an important project, that it’s meaningful to my life, I have the house all clean and ready beforehand, I get some music on my headphones, I prep the car so there’s room for product in it, I am methodical in my approach, I practice patience, I am focused and deliberate.
R storage unit is clean

Okay, that one feels good. But then the next objection comes up. “I don’t want to waste the whole day doing this.” Sneaky little ego mind trying to convince me not to do the task I want to do, eh? Fascinating.

T “I don’t want to waste all day doing this”
F Frustrated, constricted, conflicted
A Spin around making excuses or reasons why not to do it, or put it off until another day, or have to make myself overcome a ton of resistance to get started
R I waste my time

Okay, hmmm, so I can see how that thought actually makes me waste more time. The truth, though, is that I actually don’t know how long it will take. If I had to guess, I’d say 4 hours. And the bigger problem I have in my life is that I don’t want to give myself much rest afterwards – I keep working, plowing through, until I get more and more and more done – ie: I have a paper due this weekend which I do legitimately have to do. I don’t have a lot of time this weekend for pleasure or relaxation (this always seems to be the case).

What are some ways that I can counter this last thought, which seems to be sabotaging the beautiful models I came up with earlier? Maybe I could see if I could find some turnarounds for “this is a waste of time?”

Open to any insight – thank you!!