Cleaning up a model about grumpy husband

C: Husband stays home from work sick, says “You can’t help.” “I’m miserable.” “This sucks.” “Leave me alone.”
T: He’s the reason I’m in a bad mood.
F: blamey (is this a feeling?), resentful, mad
A: frown at him and huff around apartment, make backhanded comments

My gut reaction was to circle back to the thought with a result being “I’m the reason he’s in a bad mood”, which sounds true but I also know I don’t cause him to feel any certain way.

An alternate result would be “I’m the reason I’m in a bad mood.” I know this one works, but should I link my result back to my husband?

The best alternative thought I could come up with is “I will extend love to him and continue on my day.” But this feels like just ignoring him if he’s grumpy, which feels like I’m not treating him well. Where am I going wrong?