Cleaning Up My Models

I’ve been doing models for a while now, but have a tendency to be a bit sloppy with them. My thought downloads are more journal-like — something I’ve been doing for over 35 years. I usually come to some resolution through that sort of exercise and do a model to complete.

Over the last year, I’ve fallen in love with the models the coaches do in my private coaching sessions. Delivering that Result is truly poetry! And there’s been nothing in my experience like it that consistently snaps me awake. It’s so powerful to deliver it that way.

Now I’m in CCP and I want to do that as well. I’d like it for myself and my potential clients. So I’m posting a model to ask for help bettering it.

I’ve been working with a Functional Medical Practitioner to heal gut issues. My diet has been quite restrictive, and now it’s time to slowly reintroduce foods in tiny amounts to see what my gut can tolerate. I’ve been here before and find it difficult.

Unintentional Model:

C: Reintroducing foods
T: I still have too many symptoms to differentiate whether it’s from a new addition or what I’ve been eating
F: Annoyed
A: (do) after 4 months of squeaky-clean eating, I start getting sloppy and begin to eat “legal” foods from boredom or discomfort. I let in 2 new foods at a time instead of one, and in larger amounts than suggested. I adopt a f*ck-it attitude.
(don’t) trust myself, believing I have to figure it all out rather than believing I might intuitively know what’s giving me problems and actually choose health/vitality over taste or immediate gratification.
R: I have too many symptoms and too many thoughts to discern slight changes

Intentional Model:

C: Reintroducing Foods
T: I can take this slowly and feel my way there.
F: Patient
A: (do) clean up my sloppy habits. Pick one food a week and eat a tiny bit at a time. See if anything jumps out at me. Hold energy and vitality as my highest priority. Believe that I got this.
(don’t) let little temper tantrums derail me.
R: Slowly restore my intuition.

Thanks for your help! What a phenomenal resource!