Cleaning up thoughts about my partner

Sorry, I tried submitting this a few minutes ago and got submitted before I finished. Here is the entire post.

Hi, After a coaching session I had, I was encouraged to clean up some thought I have about my partner before I decide if he is the right partner for me. This is one of the many thoughts that came up and I thought I should do a model on.

C: Partner
T: He can’t think for himself
F: frustrated
A: I put him down, I walk away from
subject, I don’t bring up interesting
subjects, I judge him, I devalue
R: I don’t create a safe space for him to
express his thoughts.

When I saw this…I was like…Wow! No wonder! The awareness that my thought about him is actually creating this experience for me!

Intentional Model

C: Partner
T: It’s possible that he can engage in an interesting conversation
F: Curious
A: Watch an interesting documentary with him and start up a conversation about it, Read to him and discuss what we read, bring up an interesting piece of news, exercise patience when he expresses his ideas, I do not cut him off while he is talking.
R: I engage and create the space for us to have an interesting conversation.

Is there anything I’m missing? The R in my unintentional model doesn’t seem to be evidence of my thought. I figured the result should be “I don’t think for myself” but I’m not seeing how the actions I listed would get me there. I’d love some help with this. But overall, I saw the picture loud and clear!

Thank you!