Clenching Success

I’m so stressed about my thoughts around not being successful. I think I need to do so many things to make it happen. I scheduled my calendar and followed through, but when I did I was so focused on checking all the boxes off that it was like I was clenching each task and the enjoyment of even my time off wasn’t fun. When it was time to focus on my baby and not do any work, I would be so tight around it like bath time, 15 minutes walk, 15 minutes of reading, then playtime, tummy time. It’s to the point where physically my jaw hurts because I’ve literally been tightening it. My thoughts are “I have to do all these things (at work or with my baby) or we won’t be successful.” With my personal success, I realize not much would change my life either way. If I made $0 in my business, then my current lifestyle doesn’t change. If I made $50,000 in my business, my lifestyle doesn’t change. I’m also realizing there’s no point where this ends. Whatever I think “success” looks like, I’ll just change it to a new “success”. I’ll always be chasing something else. I know I need to enjoy the process. And my life won’t be better there than here. Intellectually, I see that.