Client Booking- spiral thoughts

I’m building up my virtual yoga business and I had a former client from my previous business message me about taking a pre-scheduled class which she signed up for and paid for. Later she sent me an email to request a class on a different day with a friend (this would be a semi- private class with a different fee). When I received her email I immediately froze because I interpreted that she wanted the same fee as the pre-schedule group class (much lower rate than my semi-private class). I went back and forth on how to respond but finally figured out how to phrase it. Today we had the semi- private class and I emailed her the amount. In my mind I keep thinking she won’t want to pay that or I struggled to find the amount I wanted to,charge them as I figure out what services people want. My model is:
C: client emailed to schedule yoga session
T: oh no, what if she is expecting the lower rate? What if this rate is too much for her and she won’t sign up or try to negotiate down?
F: uncertain
A: arguing with myself on how much to charge her and her friend and try to feel confident about it.
R: timidly emailing her what my rate was while feeling sheepish and afraid that she won’t pay it.

I intellectually know this as about feelings of scarcity and my feeling about earning money. I have often experienced this freezing up when I am asked about pricing as I feel so uncertain about it. Yes just a thought I choose to think.
Do you have any suggestions on bridging thoughts?
Thank you!