Client call guilt

Hi coaches
I need some coaching. I hopped on a discovery call with a potential new client. She was SO excited to join and really wanted to join. She said she was IN until she heard my pricing. When I told her that I charge $580 she said to me “That is not accessible for me right now “

Here are the thoughts that my brain automatically went to

“I am charging too much”
“I am scamming her”
“I’m not making my services accessible”
“I’m being selfish”
“How can I be charging people this amount, during these times”
“Times are hard”

The feeling I had was guilt and panic.

I then said to her that I’m so sorry and that I have loads of free resources and if she ever changes her mind, I’m here. I didn’t try and coach her through this, panicked and didn’t know what to say to her.

Please help coach me on this!